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Find out more about renewals

Renewal terms and discounts

All regular Doctor Web customers are entitled to a renewal discount, the size of which depends on the term of the renewal license and the product type. Owners of licenses for Dr.Web Mobile Security, bundles, utilities and Dr.Web Office Shield unlimited licenses are not eligible for renewal discounts.

You can renew a valid or expired license of three months or longer (including OEM licenses) at a discount. There is no expiration date limitation when it comes to renewing Dr.Web licenses. You can renew one key file at a discount only once.

If you have several active licenses that have varying expiration dates and want to renew all the licenses simultaneously, we recommend that you do so using the serial number that is expiring last. The remaining period of the serial number you want to renew will be added to the new license period during registration and applied to all the PCs covered by the license.

To get a renewal discount, please use the Renewal Wizard and be ready to submit your current serial number or key file (including OEM).

If your previous license contained free protection for Dr.Web for Android, and you want to continue using this product for free, renew it by either buying a license to a similar product or buying a license that includes free protection for mobile devices. The Dr.Web software products incorporated into our licenses for home users can be found here.


I lost my key file/serial number. What should I do?

  • If you purchased your license from a Doctor Web partner, please contact that company or Doctor Web's technical support for information about your licenses. Attach to your request documents confirming that you are the rightful owner of the license.

Don't have a Dr.Web license yet? This can easily be fixed!